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A+ Electric & Plumbing
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A+ Electric & Plumbing experts provide trusted and experienced service on every job. Our friendly staff of expert technicians can thoroughly handle any electric or plumbing job while respecting your home or business.
Electrical: If your electrical needs are for Minor repair issues or even bigger industrial or commercial electrical needs, we are the right man for the job.
Plumbing: If your Plumbing needs are for drain cleaning, a new water heater, kitchen remodel or major commercial projects, trust us for the job to get done right.
Our technicians are the best at what they do and our tight team of experienced professionals surpass the quality levels of any competitors.
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Guaranteed, A+ Electric & Plumbing
We pride ourselves on customer service.
24 Hour Services
Emergency Services, 24 Hour Services, A+ Electric & Plumbing
We offer 24/7 emergency services!

Our Services

Industrial Electric

We specialize with equipment installations, circuit tracing, new construction and grounding certification for both new and existing electrical infrastructure. Our technicians are expert trained installers with years of experience.

Commercial Electric

The moment you sense something may be wrong in your electrical system is the same moment to call us. Our professional electricians are best in troubleshooting to locate your electrical issue and provide the fastest repair solution.

Residential Electric

If it is a new construction electrical project or work on your existing electrical infrastructure in your home, A + Electric specializes in any electrical needs you might have. We also specialize in residential troubleshooting and repairs.

Commercial Plumbing

We provide comprehensive services to business, commercial, multi-family and industrial customers. We schedule you for any service and provide you with a price before any work begins.

Residential Plumbing

If it is a new construction plumbing project or work on your existing plumbing infrastructure in your home, A + Plumbing specializes in any plumbing needs you might have.