Sewer Pipe Inspection Services in Los Angeles
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A+ Plumbing specializes in Sewer Pipe Inspection Services in Los Angeles – the inspection of pipes, sewer systems, utility pipes, storm drainage systems and underground tanks using modular, remotely-operated systems and high-tech video equipment. Sewer pipe inspection is a form of telepresence used to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines. With modern video equipment, the interior of a sewer pipe may be inspected by this form of non-destructive testing.

Do you have blockages or cracks in your pipes that need to be found? Want to see what’s inside that empty conduit? Need to inspect the integrity of your sewer or drain pipes?

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Sewer Pipe types we can video inspect

  • sanitary and storm sewer mains
  • residential, commercial and municipal
  • industrial water supply and return lines
  • laterals and condensate drains
  • empty conduits (electrical, future-use)
  • foundation drains

Dont miss out of these Benefits you get

  • preventing further water damage from tree root invasion
  • planning maintenance and cleaning
  • reducing the labor and time involved in pipe repairs and emergencies
  • eliminating the cost and time of exploratory digging
  • preventing waste from seeping or spilling into the ground
  • identifying the location, cause and size of a blockage or break
  • eliminating future pipe issues before they become problems

We provide Sewer Pipe Inspections with

  • analysis of the utility pipes integrity (breaks, fractures, holes and leaks)
  • position and depth of utility pipes and conduits
  • pitch of sewer and drain lines
  • location of inaccessible laterals, vaults and termination points
  • video proof of the cause of clogs, stoppages, and backups
  • verification of whether existing conditions conform to the plumbing code
  • identification of potential future problem areas

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