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Why is Electrical Wiring so important?

Electrical wiring of your building is the most crucial part of your electrical system. It’s also the most complicated system in your building, working with it is not just difficult, it’s extremely dangerous as well. If you don’t have any professional training in this field, it’s recommended to hire a professional wiring specialist when you have any kind of trouble with your wiring and it’s also important to hire the person who you can trust.

Every part of your building depends on your electrical wiring. None of your light switches, electrical appliances or any other devices can function properly without right electrical wiring. Keep your building safe by calling Wire Electric to update or replace your electric wiring. We are your Buffalo Electric Wiring Contractors.

A+ Electric and Plumbing Wiring Repairs

The wires are often inside the walls and ceiling of your building which is one of the main reason that working with electrical wiring is so difficult and dangerous for an inexperienced person. Only a smallest mistake during any electrical wiring repairs could be detrimental to the safety of your building. In Los Angeles, faulty wiring is the number 1 cause of any building fires according to the National Fire Protection Agency. So, even if you are safe while you are attempting to perform the electrical wiring repairs, leaving any fault in the wiring system could mean that you are leaving a huge building hazard. Our electrical wiring specialists will respond to all your requests for service ASAP and we’ll always ensure that all repairs are accurate and thorough. We’ll make your building safe so you can just relax and don’t ever have to worry about the electrical wiring problems.

All of our electricians are licensed, certified and professionally trained so we can guarantee you quality work and professional customer service, each and every job. We also guarantee you that the electrical wiring of your building will be up to local standards after we’ve worked with it. That may not seem much important now but it will be, whenever you’ll decide to sell your building. We always make sure that our customer’s electricity is properly wired.

A+ Electric and Plumbing Rewiring Services

If you are living or working in an older building and haven’t had the electrical wiring replaced in a long time, chances are, most probably, it needs to be done. Buildings that were built recently as the 1980s have wiring that doesn’t qualify today’s standards because so many devices and electrical appliances are used on a daily basis, the electrical needs of every building have grown rapidly, even more in last ten years. Old electrical wirings were not made to handle the heavy amount of electricity that is now used on a daily basis. So eventually, your wiring will deteriorate, that could cause you a huge problem one day. You might notice frequently that your fuses are blown much more than before, it could get much more dangerous than that.

If you are not sure, whether you need electrical rewiring services or not, here are a few things that will tell you that you do:

  • Your building wiring seems to be cracked or falling apart.
  • Your wires have gone black. New electrical wirings use PVC materials and are usually white or grey in colour.
  • If you don’t have an outlet at every seven or eight feet of your wall, your building isn’t properly wired.


It is recommended for your own safety that all buildings must be rewired after every 20-25 years, as electrical components can deteriorate over time. The fuse blow and regular tripping of the circuit are just two of the common signs that your building needs electrical rewiring service. Electrical rewiring an old building is very important to remain safe from any huge hazard.

We provide the best service when it comes to electrical rewiring in Los Angeles. We have been in this field for so long and have so many clients that are satisfied with our top quality services and always recommend us to others. Our team of highly qualified and professional electricians always carry out an assessment of the property’s electrics. This is to identify the condition of the electrics and any problems with wiring. We always recommend the best course of action required to resolve the issues. Our company provides high-quality services within a low budget. We don’t charge you anything extra and keep it as budget-friendly as possible. Contact us when you are ready, our team of experts will come to survey the electrical wiring of your building and we’ll tell you the electrical rewiring cost.

Electrical Rewiring - Electrical Wiring

Electrical Rewiring FAQ

When would you advise to have my property rewired?

The general figure is every 24 years. Although, that isn’t a solid rule. It is advised that you should hire an expert frequently that would inspect your electrical system at regular set intervals. Electrical rewiring an old building is very important.

There are a few occasions when an electrical rewire is required:

  • Fire damage
  • The current installation is potentially unsafe
  • Installation of new circuits

What is partial Electrical Rewiring?

There are some situations in which full rewire may not be needed. If the electrical wiring installed is in good condition and is suitable for use in future. It may be possible that your property only needs partial rewiring instead of conducting a full rewiring. For example, you could just upgrade your consumer unit and improve the earthling and bonding.

Is it necessary to have my property inspected before I book a rewire?

Yes, absolutely, an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) will document the damage and dangerous conditions with your existing wiring system. It will also highlight the installations that are not complying with the current standards.

How long does a full rewire roughly take to complete?

Average 6-10 days. This also depends on the size of your property and the number of electricians you hire. Removing the old wiring is the dirtiest part of the job. Our electricians will make sure that your property is kept clean all the time, especially at the end of the working day.

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