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We provide comprehensive services to business, commercial, multi-family, and industrial customers.

Simply call us any time of day or night, 365 days a year. You’ll get immediate, live, friendly personal service. And we’ll immediately schedule you for service and provide you with a price before any work begins.

All Types of Commercial Plumbing:

Repairs, remodeling, modernization and maintenance.

Remodels and Tenant Improvements in Commercial, Industrial and Medical Buildings:

From plans and permits, to on-time and on budget completion.

Backflow Installation, Repairs and Testing:

Backflow can pose a serious health risk when not treated properly.

Automatic level control systems and alarms. Replace or repair.

Installation and Repair of Sewer, Gas, Steam, Air and Water Lines:

Los Angeles is notorious for its old pipes and we have over 100 years of experience working with them.

Installation and Repair of Booster and Sump Pumps:

Call us now. Don’t wait until your property is flooded. We have over a century of experience replacing, repairing and upgrading sump pumps.

We use the latest in plumbing equipment to ensure your drains are clear.

Piping systems in Los Angeles require the perfect mix of expertise and experience. Having served the area since 2000 we have that prefect mix.

Waste and Sewer:

Maintain waste and sewer lines.

Copper Repiping:

Soft copper and galvanized pipes get old and cause major problems in the future. Repiping with copper will help protect your property.

Roof Drains:

Keep your drains clean to avoid any future damage.

Give us a call now.
(818) 421 – 5290

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Guaranteed, A+ Electric & Plumbing
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24 Hour Services
Emergency Services, 24 Hour Services, A+ Electric & Plumbing
We offer 24/7 emergency services!