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What are Electrical Panels?

First of all, we understand what an electrical panel is, it is also named as load center, main breaker box, distribution board and breaker panel. An electric panel box is a service that accepts electricity into your building and then distributes the electric current to the different circuits of your building. Electric current has been shared to different circuits and is then protected by circuit breakers. Whenever there is an overload of current, the circuit breaks trips off so your electric appliances remain safe. The job of the electric panel is to regulate the current load in your building and keep your building safe, comfortable and prevent it from any damage.

In what situation do you really need to get an Upgrade:

Whenever you are thinking about getting an electric panel upgrade and you are not sure if you really need it or not, I suggest you check these following things, if these are the cases then you really need an electric panel upgrade 200 amp.

Homes and buildings that are above 20 years of age, these buildings still run on the lower current (60-100 amp), the newer buildings run on higher current (200 amp) these days. This is because the energy requirement in modern appliances are higher now. So, it is necessary to get an electric panel upgrade in such situation.

  1. Heating up:
    When you touch your electric panel cover and it feels warm, it’s a sign of overloading or improper installation.
  2. Strange smell:
    If it has a burning smell, it can be a sign that a wire is not connected right or something else.
  3. Frequent tripping:
    If it constantly trips off, it is necessary to replace at this point.
  4. Flickering of the light:
    If your light flickers a lot most especially when you are using some other devices, this can be a sign of some loosening in the connection.
  5. Appliance upgrade:
    When you are upgrading your building with new appliances, it’s necessary to make sure that the electric panel can carry the load. If your light flickers a lot, especially when you are using some other devices, this can be a sign of some loosening in the connection.

Do I really have to upgrade my Electrical Panel?

The answer to this question is yes because most times when people buy a building, they just assume that the electrical service panel of that building will last as long as the building lasts. This is not true because of the following reasons:

  1. Connection loosens with time.
  2. Prolonged use can affect the efficiency. In moist places your board can get rusted or corroded.
  3. Dust accumulation can also shorten the lifespan.
  4. The typical lifespan of an electric panel is 30 to 40 years and when it is well past that age, it becomes necessary to get an electrical panel upgrade. When you carry out proper maintenance and also when you carry out electrical panel repair when you notice a fault, you can most likely increase the longevity of your load center.

Who should repair or upgrade the Electric Panel?

The most frequently asked question is that “who should I give the task of Electric Panel upgrade in los Angeles?” It is necessary to call a licensed electrician to get this done for you.

If you are looking for an electric panel upgrade in Los Angeles or just need to repair your electric panels, you are at the right place! Here at A+ Electric and Plumbing, we have well trained experts and licensed electricians that can help with your electric panel installation process and can also upgrade your electric panel. We provide both services for industrial, commercial and residential customers in Los Angeles and surrounding area.

How much does it cost to replace an Electrical Panel?

Electrical panel upgrade projects are priced individually because their price depends on these three major factors below:

  • Location: Depends on the area you are living.
  • Scope of the project: The cost of your electrical panel replacement will differ, based on what you need. The price to replace an old fuse box with a modern electrical panel will be far greater than installing a small secondary electrical panel for a generator.
  • Site conditions: If the existing wiring, conduits or installation site need work before a safe panel replacement can be completed, the price of the electrical panel upgrade will increase.

Give your Electric Panel the boost it needs:

A+ Electric and Plumbing is the company you need to call when you’re tired of dealing with an outdated electrical panel. We have years of experience of changing fuses to circuit breaker in a short period of time.

When was the last time you had an electrician inspect your wiring? Our team of experts will be able to access and upgrade your circuit breakers and electrical panels. After upgrading your electric panel you can rest easy, knowing that your electrical panel can now handle the voltage in your home, office or factory.

Electric Panel Upgrade FAQ

How much does it cost to upgrade?

The price usually varies depending on the property and the type of an upgrade. The key factors which determine the price are:

  1. If it is a main or a sub panel
  2. If it includes service upgrade
  3. If it is with a meter or without
  4. The scale of the upgrade
  5. The positioning of the panel

Why do my Circuit Breakers keep tripping?

A circuit breaker trips to protect the circuit from overheating and causing fire. Three typical causes for tripping are:

  1. Overloaded Circuit
  2. Short Circuit
  3. Ground Fault

What are the benefits of conducting an Upgrade?

The most important benefit of upgrading your electrical panel is safety. Knowing that your building is protected from fire hazards caused by overloaded circuits. You could have a peace of mind knowing your building, employees and family is protected.

Is Upgrading same as Rewiring?

No, the electrical panel serves as a main distribution point for your circuits. This is where the power comes into your building. Upgrading the panel allows more power to be distributed.

What can I do to maintain my Electrical Panel?

Like everything else in your building, a little maintenance goes a long way. When it comes to your electrical panels, always keep the cover on, and make sure it’s kept closed. This will prevent dust from entering, or other damage occurring.

Electrical Panel Upgrade, electrical panel, electric panel
Electric Panel Upgrade, electrical panel, electric panel

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